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The Power of Opposites

Along my journey, I've become aware of something profound. When we see "opposites," we often think they are radically different from each other and have nothing in common. We see the opposite of chaos as order, the opposite of love as hate, the opposite of light as dark, the opposite of creativity as destruction, the opposite of left as right...the list goes on. But seeing only the "differences" is merely a projection of the blinded ego.

Have we ever considered that opposites are merely two ends of the same cord? And that if you follow one far enough, you are surely to reach the other?

That to be destructive is a wildy creative act? That the only way to find the light is by walking through the darkness? That chaos is the initiatory threshold and precipice of a new order of being? That hate comes from a yearning for love, and that love heals this deeply embedded wound?

I once followed a rabbit hole so far that I finally saw that the two extreme opposites in question were, in fact, the exact same thing. How could this be?

The illusional judgment of the mind would have us believe we live in the world of duality; a world of opposites. It takes discernment (the higher side of judgment) to discover the essence of nonduality: where all is in fact, an integrated one.

Carl Jung said, "...there is no energy unless there is a tension of opposites; hence it is necessary to discover the opposite to the attitude of the conscious mind"

Our life force emerges through this tension of opposites and is harnessed for it's full potential when an enduring balance is struck from within the soul.

The cosmos do not exist beyond me. They live in me. To know love means to know the void in hate. To shift from destruction to regeneration requires healthy passion and boundaried creativity.

The dualistic ego is primarily an asset when it surrenders in service and sacrifice to the Higher Soul. It must know it's place if transcence of the opposites is to be born.

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