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I received a download the other day about the one thing humanity needs to know. There is definitely one core Truth that I wish the collective could understand and integrate, but have always the considered our egoic limitations on this one and have never felt that all were ready to take this one in.

However in recent days, I'm beginning to wonder if now is the time...

The Truth is that we all co-create our reality. We are all active participants in our life's unfolding process on the conscious, subconscious, and unconscious level.

Yes at times, it means we have done something deliberately and with intention to create cause and effect either for a positive or negative outcome. But this provides too limited of a scope for what this Truth actually entails.

The full breadth of this concept also means that we carry certain patterns (and therefore certain vibrations) that are unknown to us, all of which also create cause and effect.

Some of us are bringing in wounding patterns from previous lifetimes into this one that cause us to give off certain unconscious energy (sometimes fear-based) that may trigger a range of experiences in our lives...from triggering others, those near and far from us, to react in a certain way, to triggering certain experiences that we must live and learn through.

This is not a Truth meant to induce blame and shame. It is meant to highlight the gravity of what it means to take radical responsibility for one's quality of life.

If you are carrying a certain vibration that is unconscious to you, how could you be blamed for that? However, the Truth still remains that despite your unknowing, you are still responsible for becoming aware of what is operating beyond your conscious eye.

In the Ho'oponopono practice and many other non-dualistic philosophies, it is understood that we are all connected through a Universal Mind (or the Collective Unconscious in Jungian terms). It may also be described as the Collective Consciousness, but I consider them to generally mean the same thing.

If a person sitting next to me at a conference merely raises their hand to ask a question out of confusion, I must take responsibility for that. There is something in me, as well as everyone in the room, contributing to that person's confusion.

If a client brings a certain level of resistance to the session, I must take responsibility for what lives in me that is stimulating the resistance and begin my cleaning.

If I regularly have the experience of someone pushing their way into my space, I must take responsibility for that and consider what lives in me that is drawing that person/situation in.

If there is still suffering in the world, it means there is still suffering in me that only I can take responsibility for and clean house on.

If our soul has chosen to jump into this skin suit, it means it longs to learn the lessons inherent in this lifetime. We chose this time and place, and the time to do the work is right now in this very second. When the next second arrives, the work continues.

The work also looks different for every soul.

Another core Truth is that the reason why our suffering continues is because it serves us in some way. Suffering doesn't happen without it's own intention. It's here to teach us something.

Our suffering may be teaching us how to master being a victim and surrender into powerlessness.

Our suffering may be teaching us how to hone our individuation path and turn on our inner power using the limitless and timeless support of the Divine.

Or our suffering might be teaching something in between.

Life doesn't happen to you, it happens with you. The choice is always going to be yours.

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