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The Lion's Gate Portal 2023

The Lion's Gate portal is open from July 25th-August 12th, with a culmination of energy on Tuesday, August 8th.

Here is what it's all about...

The Leo Archetype (or 5th house) is about our most vibrant passions, creativity, and the gifts we aim to share with the world from our open-hearted Self. It's about true authenticity at it's finest. This is the opposite of the shadowy realm of people-pleasing tendencies, codependency, and fear-reactive egoic defenses.

The Lion's Gate portal is where we can manifest our purest dreams, drive a path forward through liberated inspiration, and act from the power of truth. Remember, though, truth carries a higher vibration than a lie. So when we engage in our world authentically and let go of the ways in which we've kept ourselves small to fit in or maintain the status quo, everything changes, and for the better.

This is your time to shine. Anything you've ever wanted is in arm's reach now. The question is: are you ready to create the reality you've been wanting and waiting for?

If so, here are some tips:

1. Work from a place of gratitude to manifest more abundance. Every morning, write down 3 things you are already grateful for. Lean into the feelings of love and appreciation. And don't forget to thank your angels, ancestors, spirit guides, and ascendant masters for having your back the whole way through.

2. Set an intention for what you want to create next. Be sure you are coming from love, not fear. Ask yourself, "Is this wish rooted in fear?". If so, ask yourself how this intention would change if fear wasn't part of the equation. And then change it.

3. Anchor yourself into the vibration of compassion. Focus your mind's eye on your heart center and expand the space from within. Send that vibration out from your heart center to everyone and everything around you. Be sure to receive it back into your soul as you create the synergy.

4. Call on your guides to help you. Each one of us were assigned a team (yes, a team) of unseen helpers. Some of us have a bigger team than others depending on which physical track we chose, and how much work we have ahead of us. Our guides have a job to do and can only step in when we've asked them to. They are not down with interference, and will not come to your aide without conscious consent.

5. Visualize what you want the next year to look like. See it as a thread of reality existing out in the quantum space that you get to pluck out of the sky and bring into form. Step into that reality and act as if it already exists, because it does.

6. In every moment, ask yourself if your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are in alignment with the quantum reality you have picked. If not, come back to the heart and re-center.

Now is the time for you to step into your full power. So comb that mane, dust yourself, and hear yourself roar.

Let. It. Rip.

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