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The Observer and The Noisy Mind

When the mind is talking, how do you know?

The part of you that hears the chatter of the mind is The Observer archetype. Tapping into this inner Observer and cultivating a conscious relationship with it is the key that unlocks the peace we are all searching for.

As Michael Singer says, see the chatter of the mind as your "inner roomate." Do you like your roomate? Would you ask this roomate for advice? Are there times when this roomate drains your energy? Do you wish this roomate would just shut up and go home?

We often have these experiences with outer events in the form of people, places, and things but rarely recognize that first and foremost, that annoying event also lives within us in the form of our loud inner roomate called our mind.

The reason why we project our annoyance onto the outside world is because we are blindly entangled with the version of it that lives within. Because there is no inner separation, that inner annoyance becomes disembodied and casts itself into our outer world as our shadow

So, to find that peace and quiet, we must first begin to cultivate a deeper connection with our Observer. We must step into that Observer and simply watch the mind when it starts to get loud and annoying. Don't judge it, just witness it and watch it unfold.

The mind is not you, the core you, the real you. It is just one facet of you, one part of you, one of the many archetypes that dwell within.

Creating a clear separation between the real you, the peaceful and compassionate Observer, and your noisy mind is the first step.

Notice what it's saying and decide for yourself if listening to it today will serve your Highest Good.

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Nov 16, 2023
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