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The Philosopher's Stone

What is The Philosophers Stone?

The "Philosopher's Stone" was considered an essential element in alchemy during medieval times. It wasn't quite a stone rather a powder or other substance that could turn base metals like zinc, copper, and iron into precious gold and silver.

It was the "elixir of life" that could cure illnesses, restore youth, and grant immortality to those who possessed it. It was an initiatiatory substance that could transform all. Even Sir Isaac Newton embarked on a quest to find this sacred substance during his study of alchemy.

The Philosopher's Stone brings self-awareness, enlightenment, and an open the mind to those who are prepared to receive it's gifts.

The stone Lapis Lazuli is often considered The Philosopher's Stone for it has properties that help open the intuition and third eye, clear away blocks, and decipher the meaning of the messages that follow. Lapis Lazuli is considered the "Stone of the Gods" for it supports leaders of the spiritual world. However, Lapis Lazuli is unlike any other stone or crystal for it will not meet you at the vibration you are at and help you transform. Rather, it will patientily wait until you've leveled up and reached a point of consciousness that indicates you are ready to receive its teachings, and then guide your way.

So the question becomes...what exists in your life that is waiting for you to awaken so you can transform? What is your Philosopher's Stone?

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