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The Life of an Empath

Maybe you'e heard the term before. It seems to be a recognizable one in today's culture. However, the word is still often misunderstood. Empaths are especially different from Highly Sensitive People although there is often crossover when it comes to sensory experiences.

Empaths, in essence, feel other people's pain. They can walk into a room and instantly know the trauma everyone is carrying, even if these people aren't carrying their suffering consciously.

Empaths are highly attuned to the energy around them and can read subtle cues, body language, facial expressions, and most importantly inauthenticity. One of the most physically uncomfortable experiences for an empath is seeing how someone's words are mismatched to the energy they are displaying.

Because empaths can feel the suffering that others carry, a simple conversation or interaction with another person can feel overwhelming. It feels like a burden at times to be pulled into someone else's state of mind without providing our consent to venture there. It's like being sucked into a vortex that you can't escape from.

When we are surrounded by lost souls and hungry ghosts, our body physically hurts. It pains us to know how much heaviness most people are walking around with.

Violence, chaos, anger, negativity, depression, gossip...these poisonous energies take a toll on a disempowered and exhausted empath. Interestingly enough, most burnt out empaths have engaged in those exact behaviors at one time or another as a way to rid themselves of this energy once it attaches to them.

Loud sounds, intensity, physical dissaray in the home can all feel overstimulating to an empath as sounds and physical objects can also carry negative energy.

An empath is going to be the one who silences their opinion because it differs from yours and they want to avoid conflict. An empath is going to let you talk their ear off despite wanting to end the conversation many minutes or hours ago.

They will be your surrogate therapist, unpaid and burnout, and will eventually resent you for it because they don't know how to use their voice and set healthy boundaries. An empath will put your needs above their own and feel guilty when they prioritize their well being over yours.

Empaths must give themselves permission to not watch the news or aimlessly scroll on social media. It will only make them feel more depleted.

Empaths may develop join pain, back pain, headaches, stiffness in their hips...all because they are holding onto emotions that aren't theirs to keep.

Empaths, give yourself several days during the week where you disconnect from your phone. Dont feel guilty if you don't return calls or texts even from people you love and care about. It takes work being you. Sometimes, the work is every minute of the day. No wonder you are tired.

Empaths, you have an inherent gift that could heal the world if the world was ready to heal on a collective level. But we aren't there yet. Too many people are lost in the realm of hungry ghosts looking for their next meal, searching aimlessly to be satiated by someone or something to make the sickness go away.

if you try to heal the world, you will die in the process. You will sacrifice yourself on the cross having never truly mastered your gift.

Only when we see our gift as a simultaneous limitation will we make better choices, limit our interactions with those who carry dense heavy energy because of the darkness they are shouldering, and realize that the only person we can, and should, save is ourselves...because no one is going to do the saving for us.

To all my empaths out there, today is a new day. Pick yourself up, give yourself a hug, and remind yourself that you are doing the best you can. Forgive yourself if your anger gets the best of you. It's only there to remind you that you let a boundary be stepped on. Learn the lesson, and change course.

Trust that everything you feel is correct. Your intuition is your strongest asset and most people will never understand how you use your intuition to guide every step of your way to evolve your highest good.

Some who you've needed to set boundaries with will understand and begin to value and respect themselves more also. Others will not, and that's ok. Remember, you are not here to save or convert anyone anyhow.

Turn towards your pain and get curious. Ask it questions. See what it wants you to know. And embody the wisdom you find. Walk it more than you talk it. And watch the sky part above.

You got this.

To all those who love an empath, please have patience. The empath is trying to navigate a complex and tedious process without having formal training in this space. They are learning the ultimate experience of on-the-job Divine training. Try not to take their reactions or boundary setting personal. It's not about you. It's about their self-preservation so they can accomplish the mission their soul set out to achieve on this earthly plane in this lifetime. They have a gigantic task ahead of them. Empower them to fulfill the mission. You will gain something tremenduous in the process as well.

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