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The Only Healer is You

I often wrestle with this term "healer." What is a healer? Why do those of us who enter the "healing" profession fall victim to priding ourselves with this self-assigned role? How did we adopt such an illusion?

The presence of the pride itself indicates this immense blindspot. We are not healers. We never were, and never will be. The age of the guru is over. We are learning how the capacity to heal only lives in one place, and one place only: within ourselves.

When you pay a therapist to sit and listen to your problems, what you are really looking for is a concierge. If that therapists doesn't give you what you want, when you want it, they way you want it, you will surely storm off in anger to find a new one.

What you really want is someone to validate your suffering, assure you that you are justified in feeling your anger, shame, resentment, guilt, and sorrow. You want to feel a righteousness in your pity. Some will move on from that place, and it will take 25 years to truly find the answers if the goal is to "figure it out."

The therapist who agrees to validate your victim consciousness is merely manipulating you, profiting off of your suffering. Do yourself a favor. Save your money, and turn towards yourself. It's free and cuts the time spent in therapy tenfold. Because in the the end, it's all bullshit anyhow. You are already the answer.

Therapists should never agree to be pulled into the role of a concierge by a client's projection to put them there. If they are, they must stop and begin cleaning their own house.

That is the only job of a therapist: to clean my own house. For if I clean my own house of my own earth-bound memories while I am connected to you, in turn I clear yours also. It's the only gift I can truly give anyone at the end of the day.

At this stage of the game, I have come to know only a few things. Forget the degrees, forget the years of training. It's really all bullshit. The answers have lived in me all along. It just took a lot of time, money, and energy to remember this.

Here are my foundational truths as of today 06/21/23...a date that reduces down to 5, the number of personal freedom. I trust that these principles will surely evolve with time, as I will never know the answers anyway.

1. We cannot heal or help people. Our only job on this planet is to take 100% responsibility for cleaning ourselves.

2. If you give advice or try to steer people into a direction you see fit because of your own agenda to dissolve the discomfort you feel as you react to the other, you will get your ass handed to you. No one likes to be manipulated.

3. We are all connected. If I clean my memories, I clean yours also.

4. My family is the earth I walk on, the building I work in, the chair I sit in, the food I eat, the animal I nurture, the car I drive in, the bed I lay on, the plane I fly in, the computer I use. Talk to them all as if they are alive, because they are. See their suffering for carrying the weight of the human race on their shoulders and simply say I'm sorry for what my people have done to do. Ask for forgiveness. Send your love from an open heart. And give thanks for the tremenduous burden they carry for us.

5. Clean the memories of your ancestors and the violence they inflicted, the suffering they endured. You are not responsible for what they did or endured. But you are 100% responsible for cleaning up the mess left behind.

6. Thinking will get you nowhere, so I have given it up. There is no problem that can be solved by thinking my way through it. It will only creates chaos and confusion in the mind and will therefore strengthen the illusion that the minds knows all.

7. The mind knows absolutely nothing. If you think you know, get out your broom. It's time to clean.

8. Freedom comes from emptiness of the mind. Only here is when a connection can be made back to Source which works through me in the form of Pure Energy (inspiration).

9. When I clean house of the cobwebs of the mind's memories, I set my soul up to be free when my body decides that the ride is over. It's the only way I can prevent getting stuck here as a tortured earth-bound spirit.

10. Every time I focus on me (and not you) and take responsibility to begin the cleaning, I pay down my death and debt.

11. What happens around me wants to get cleaned. That's why it is showing up. There is no need to figure anything out beyond this.

12. I am related to everything around me. Nothing is a coincidence. If I am in a room with someone who raises their hand to ask a question, I must begin the cleaning process because that person is expressing a part of me (a memory) that I am unconscious to. This is the a sludge we all get lost in.

13. Every time there is a problem, I'm always there.

14. Clean, clean, and clean some more. Never ever stop cleaning. Everything around you must be constantly cleaned as it is a reflection of you.

15. Look towards yourself for answers, always. You already have the answers in you. You just forgot. If I make my job as a therapist obsolete by the time I die, I have fulfilled the mission.

16. Only help those who actively seek your wisdom. You are not meant to teach knowledge, only share wisdom...and only when you are working from a place of inspiration, not agenda. If you share knowledge with those who aren't ready for it, you will get burned.

I love you.

I'm sorry.

Please forgive me.

Thank you.


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