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The Illusion of Psychedelics

People have asked me whether or not we can experience bliss through meditation and other healing practices the same way we can access it through psychedelics. The answer is both yes and no...

Yes, because we have DMT already in our brains that we can release with breathwork, meditation, and other techniques. However, it will take many years of practice (if at all) to experience the altered state that truly, may never compete with the power of drug consciousness which is where the "no" comes in...

No, because the psychedelic is truly the illusion, as Jung said. Drug consciousness is not the same as spiritual consciousness. It's similar, and it mimics the spiritual experience, but it's the way in which you get there that differs.

The drug gives you a taste of something that would otherwise take extreme discipline, practice, and lengthy committment to achieve and likely not with the same octave of intensity. The gift of enlightenment is not one given simply because you want it, and you want it now. ::::cue the tantrum::::. Anything worth having takes hard work, and lots of it.

Psychedelics create a channel in which you bypass the hard work it takes to naturally achieve a similar, but likely less intense, spiritual effect. The hard work is a huge part of the spiritual path that gets lost when we drink a brew or pop a pill. This is why it's essential to only use the drug sparingly, and focus on bringing the organic practices to your every daily life through the hard work of discipline, practice, and most importantly follow-up integration.

If you are using the drug as your only option for reaching that higher state, you're doing it allll the way wrong. You are now just a slave to another illusion and you have made laziness your crutch.

This is why psychedelic use is only an effective healing path for those willing to take 100% responsibility for their life course. The drug shows you what is out there, but is not to be relied on as your only tool. That's an abuse of a sacred sacrament.

instead, the drug simply opened a door that now, you must use your clear mind to find again. Otherwise, you will continue to play out the pervasive Western pattern of dependency in yet another area of your life never ever truly "getting it"...

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