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Heart-Broke Open

"The only heart worth having is a broken heart." - Michael Meade

"Overcome any bitterness that may have come because you were not up to the magnitude of the pain entrusted to you.

Like the mother of the world who carries the pain of the world in her heart, you are sharing in a certain measure of that cosmic pain and are called upon to meet it in joy instead of self-pity." - Pir Vilayat Khan

"...the cure for the pain is the pain." - Rumi

When the heart breaks wide open, the person for the first time has access to their raw vulnerability; that wound that is protected by the defenses, patterns of resistances, and fears that show up as fears of happiness and negativity (both equally as destructive), delusions, idealism, dissociation, escapism, narcissism, anger and hate, judgement, manipulation, victim consciousness (blame/complain), addictions to anything including your own sorrow and suffering, anxiety, compulsions, etc.

The process of breaking through a broken heart is nothing short of a liberation. The kundalini energy is released from the shackles of a blocked sacral feminine chakra and flows up through the spine as it cleanses and repatterns the body's nervous system until it meets the broken heart.

Here, an inner union has taken shape. A new way has been discovered. The body becomes strong, stronger than it's ever been before as it takes the direction from the awakened feminine energy within to rebirth a new nervous system.

A heart that opened because it could no longer keep up the fight of resistance is a gift from the Divine. The essence of cosmic consciousness enters the body at that moment, bridging matter and spirit, masculine and feminine, left and right, known and unknown, seen and unseen.

The journey of remembering is now evoked. The human being reclaims their soul's purpose and integrates the Divine wisdom unlocked from within the humble heart's core.

It's a break-down to break-through. The sacred wound of separateness from one's Mother that we are thrust into at the moment of birth sets us up for the same wound of separateness from our inner Divine.

When we reclaim our pain of separateness through the vulnerability of a broken open heart, the pain suddenly becomes the sacred medicine; a medicine that is wisely and humbly earned and known.

The wounding pattern will always remain. However, it will alchemize into sacred medicine each time we hold it with a higher vibration, doing so by going into the pain, fear, and vulnerability and transmuting it with the vibration of an open heart.

Our only job, purpose, and mission as a human being on this earthly plane is to find our way back home to the center of our heart. It's about remembering yourself as the Divine energy of Pure Love; the you that existed before you jumped into the suffering of the human condition.

It's now time to wake the heart back up. The reason why your suffering remains despite countless attempts to move past it is because you are too fixated on "getting rid of it." The more resistance you create, the more you tell the pain you still need it. The more you hate it, the longer it stays.

Ask yourself why you are suffering and what your pain is trying to tell you. If you are still stuck, it means you haven't taken the lesson into the heart yet. You are still caught in fear.

You must do the hard thing, whatever it is, that you have been avoiding. Avoidance is the breeding ground for pain. This is where our pain is most comfortable. And the more comfortable something is, the less likely it is to grow and change.

So take the deep dive and trust. Move through with stillness and inaction. Turn on the wisdom of your heart to stop the mind from being in overdrive. Burrow in the inner dwelling of the protection of your heart space where everything, even your pain, is safe to see and touch.

Stay there for as long as it takes...

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