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Awaken Your Inner Wisdom.

Transpersonal Integration Coaching and Consulting Services


My name is Maegan Kenney and I am a transpersonal integration specialist, certified psychedelic integration coach, and second-degree Reiki practitioner with many years’ experience in the mental health and addiction field as a coach, therapist, sober companion, and consultant. I have a master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling with an emphasis in forensic and correctional counseling from William James College. I also studied for five years in a traditional doctoral program for Clinical Psychology (PsyD) at William James College. I am now completing my PhD at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) with a research focus in consciousness, spirituality, and entheogenic substances including ketamine and cannabis. I have shared my perspectives at academic conferences and on public platforms including the U.S. News & World Report, National Academy of Addiction Medicine, American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP), iHeartRadio, WBZ-Boston, The Boston Globe, MassInc, Shatterproof, and more. I am a public speaker and host my own podcast called The Addictionary where I explore topics about mental health, addiction, and spirituality. I am also an advocate for more open-minded philosophies about recovery and have spent time advocating as part of public policy workgroups in Boston, MA for more comprehensive substance use training for counselors, psychologists, social workers, and dentists. I am recovered myself from opioid addiction and have learned my craft from the inside-out as I am a teacher who is also a student.



The Third Realm Integration model is a compassion meditation program with additions from east/west philosophies aimed at helping each client take their personal and spiritual development to the next level. I offer coaching clients a customized audio skills book to utilize as part of their integration process. I incorporate energy healing practices and Reiki attunements as well as functional/alternative medicine recommendations for those interested. I also provide short-term and long-term consultations for those inquiring about plant medicine and psychedelics for healing purposes.

Each coaching plan is specifically designed for each client and their unique needs. Over the course of coaching or consultation sessions, I offer clients a variety of robust resources to help them integrate any experience including personalized meditations.

For clients in the psychedelic integration track, the coaching model can be adjusted to include anything from music-only support to the full spectrum of coaching care.

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As your coach, I will teach you how to develop self-compassion as you begin to generate the tools needed for a higher state of consciousness, free of energetic and psychic blocks that cause pain and suffering. I believe we all have a healer within us that can awaken when we are guided through this process with safety, support, and heart-activated compassion. Through a collaborative and fully customizable process of self-inquiry and skills building, I help clients safely explore the unknown parts of themselves as they learn to awaken the healer that already lives within. I like to say, “I’ll be your container until you build your own.” I aim to guide you there.

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Transpersonal Integration

Transpersonal Integration is how I describe the coaching and consulting model I have personally designed from my work as a heart-centering meditation teacher, consciousness researcher, energy healer, and avid studier of C.G. Jung and his many theories. Jung refers to the third realm as the transcendent space beyond egoic suffering where the client and practitioner’s unconscious minds meet, and alchemic healing can begin. Jung described individuation as the “conscious differentiation and integration” of aspects of the psyche (namely archetypes) into itself. I named my practice after Jung’s theory to capture the framework for my definition of integration, how I teach it, and why I believe it is a necessary ingredient for healing and transformation.

I define integration as any process whereby one evolves beyond ego defenses through a foundation of heart-activated compassion and begins to experience non-reactivity to one's typical triggers. The goal is to perceive life events as more impersonal (and thus less personally wounding). I use theories from eastern and western traditions to formulate interventions that cultivate integration and psychic freedom from the constraints of illness and dis-ease. You will soon become a conscious observer of your own experience rather than a victim of it. The Third Realm Integration model guides people to align to their highest self and harmonize the many parts of their personality into one cohesive energetic sphere where balance and wholeness can be nurtured. 



I employ a one of-a-kind integration model rooted in compassion meditation with many additions from my years of training in east and west practices both at the masters and doctoral level. I have extensive experience supporting those recovering from eating disorders as well as addiction, specifically opioid addiction, and offer guidance about integrative healing pathways for recovery. I also offer support relative to alternative medicine options for health and wellness, including holistic aids to manage depression, anxiety, and post-acute withdrawal symptoms.

I specialize in providing psychedelic integration coaching and consulting for people who are receiving (or interested in receiving) ketamine and medical cannabis therapies or utilizing other plant medicines and psychedelics on their own accord in intentional and therapeutic ways. I provide pre- and post-integration coaching as well as skilled and guided support during treatment administration. 

Through the closed Wavepaths beta program, I offer exclusive and customizable music made by world renown artists that is tailored for each person’s unique ketamine experience. I can adjust one’s dose, route of administration, length of session, and therapeutic goal for session. Deep listening music from Wavepaths can also be provided for those who are not receiving ketamine therapies. 

As part of the Third Realm model, clients are guaranteed to receive a robust toolbox of personalized resources they can employ on their own accord outside of coaching. I provide clients with a customized audio skills book to utilize as part of their integration process. I incorporate energy healing practices and Reiki attunements as well as functional/alternative medicine recommendations and plant-medicine consultations for those interested.


Maegan Kenney

"The third realm...where our unconscious minds meet and the transformation begins."



The term “transpersonal” refers to the “whole” person in relation to nature and the cosmos—including a person’s relationship to their values, life purpose, and experiences that transcend ego boundaries and sense of self. A transpersonal approach helps guide people towards personal transformation and a sense of oneness with realms beyond the physical form where tension doesn’t exist and freedom from fears and anxieties can release. Transpersonal psychology, which is the foundational model for transpersonal coaching, refers to the union between science and human spirituality which generates healing and emphasizes humanity’s highest potential by exploring non-ordinary states of consciousness.

In a standard transpersonal coaching model, coaches provide clients with mindfulness-specific tools to help them feel empowered to move beyond the limits of their own mind and explore the expansive nature of their full potential to find purpose and passion in their lives. However, commonly used coaching models, including transpersonal coaching models, do not define or utilize integration the same way as Third Realm Integration and there is much variation in the field about how integration is achieved. 

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“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I'll meet you there.

When the soul lies down in that grass the world is too full to talk about.”


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I mostly work with clients who have a history of:

  • Depression/anxiety

  • Addiction/substance use

  • Non-ordinary states of consciousness, like psychosis

  • Eating disorders

  • Self-esteem/body image issues

  • Relationship conflict

  • Trauma of all kinds (including PTSD, childhood trauma, and trauma suffered secondary to toxic or abusive relationships)

Psychedelic Integration Specialty Track for adults as an adjunct to:

  • Ketamine and cannabis-assisted therapies (I offer evidence-based customizable music to be utilized during ketamine sessions via Wavepaths)

  • Plant medicines and other psychedelics used for healing purposes

*Please note that​ the Third Realm Integration coaching model is designed for clients who have already established a solid foundation in their recovery and are ready to take their personal and spiritual development to the next level.

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I provide sessions via Zoom and offer in-person meetings while adhering to state guidelines for safety and precautions. In-person coaching sessions usually take place in nature. Coaching plans can be structured to meet a client’s short- or long-term goals and are adjusted accordingly. 

Each coaching plan is designed for each client's individual needs. A typical coaching plan can last 2-4 months in duration or longer, which can be modified when needed.

Psychedelic Integration Coaching Track 

(w/Wavepaths music available as an add-on feature to any coaching plan)

  • Truncate integration coaching options are available based on a person's needs and interests

  • Ongoing weekly or biweekly coaching sessions for those interested, which can last up to 6 months in duration or longer, if desired



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Therapy usually explores the root cause of one’s distress from a cognitive behavioral orientation whereby disruptions in one's life are perceived as mental disorders or dysfunctions. Therapists also diagnose mental health disorders and may have the capacity to commit someone to treatment depending on their credentials and the state they practice in. Clients can sometimes work with their therapist for months or even years. In therapy, clients traditionally meet with their therapist in an office for weekly visits.

Coaching focuses on the practical “how” of moving through life’s challenges. Coaches are available to clients in non-traditional ways and during off-hours to provide real time skills coaching when needed (e.g., meal coaching and support, emotion regulation skills practice, support if a client begins to dissociate, etc.). People often work with coaches for time-limited periods (3-6 months or longer if needed/desired). Coaching can take place in a person’s environment and provides the opportunity to create unique ways to enhance one’s strengths. The Third Realm coaching model, specifically, creates the container for whole-person integration. 

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I offer consultations for employers, organizations, mental health professionals, individuals, and families relative to my areas of expertise. I aim to assess the presenting needs of each case and provide recommendations for continued care and/or interventions for the person or agency in need. I utilize my national and global professional network to offer individualized and specialized recommendations that specifically match the needs of each case. I help to facilitate connections to those resources for those in need. I also provide consultation services for my coaching clients when needed.

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Maegan, you came into our lives when all this was brand new and we were in crisis and completely unprepared for how to proceed.  You held our hand, you gave us an overview of the process, and then you rolled up your sleeves to find us the professional help that our daughter needed.  You showed up at her bedside at critical times.  We will be forever grateful for your professionalism, and your empathy.  

Thank you!!

Michael & Donna Barach (clients I worked with prior to Third Realm Integration)


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