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Third Realm Integration

Awaken Your Heart's Wisdom

Jungian and Transpersonal Psychotherapy
Internal Family systems
Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy

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Maegan Kenney

"The third realm...where our unconscious minds meet and the transformation begins."

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A Path Towards Wholeness

Our unresolved patterns and trauma memories can cause blockages in the conscious, subconscious, and unconscious aspects of our mind. In turn, the mind (or "ego") gets activated to step in and defend against the perceived invader. Protecting against pain and vulnerability is the ego's primary job. However, an overactive and unmanageable ego always wreaks havoc on our inner peace. Once the internal battle ensues, the chaos and dis-ease will express itself through various means of psychological stress responses and injury or illness in the physical body.

We can harmonize our mind-body-soul system by tending to our wounds with an open heart and deciphering the soul's message within. Here, we begin the process of freeing ourselves from the bondage of our cognitive and emotional density. 

Open-hearted consciousness allows us the opportunity to take full responsibility for our lives by clearing away the cobwebs inside our home. When we create clarity within, experiences of balance and harmony follow.​

If now is the time to embrace the opportunity for inner peace, stillness, and wholeness, let's talk.

We need to be on the same frequency as the soul's voice, and we are meant to attune ourselves to the whisperings of something higher.

Shmuley Boteach

Heart-Shaped Rock Island

The Third Realm Philosophy

Third Realm Integration offers an integrative approach to conscious healing that harmonizes the mind-body-soul system. Approaches are rooted in depth (Jungian), transpersonal, and energy psychology. There is a particular emphasis on the science of the heart's wisdom and the direction that it offers.

Maegan Kenney bio

About Me

Welcome! I am a licensed Jungian, Transpersonal, and IFS (Internal Family Systems) psychotherapist, certified ketamine-assisted psychotherapist, and heart conscious certified Ho'oponopono practitioner who works with adults age 28+. I work almost exclusively with those who are in the healing profession as therapists, psychologists, yoga/spiritual teachers, body workers, and energy healers as well as those who seek healing through ketamine therapy and psychedelic medicine.


I also participate in various spiritual and self-healing communities across the world aimed at raising the collective consciousness and facilitating conscious leadership and spiritual entrepreneurship.


My approach is rooted in depth (Jungian) and transpersonal psychology, psychedelic psychotherapy, soul retrieval shamanism, and energy healing. I help clients reconnect to their purpose and reclaim their personal power through archetypal exploration and making the unconscious conscious.

My therapeutic style is empowering, warm, compassionate, and holistic. As a seasoned telehealth provider, I offer the convenience of remote sessions from the privacy of home to help make self-healing a priority for nurturing personal growth and transformation.


I hold counseling licenses in Idaho, Florida, South Carolina, and New Jersey. I also retain several therapeutic certifications and am completing my PhD research in transpersonal psychology at the California Institute of integral Studies (CIIS) on the use of compassion in mitigating countertransference in the Third Realm for psychedelic practitioners who identify as women who align with The Heroine's Journey. I also host the Third Realm Integration Podcast.

I've shared my perspectives on subjects related to mental health, addiction, and criminal justice at academic conferences and on public platforms including the U.S. News & World Report, National Academy of Addiction Medicine, American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP), iHeartRadio, WBZ-Boston, The Boston Globe, MassInc, Shatterproof, The Addictionary podcast, and more. 

The healing hero, therefore, is the one who finds some creative way out, a way not already known, and does not follow a pattern. Ordinary sick people follow ordinary patterns, but the shaman cannot be cured by the usual methods of healing. He has to find the unique way, the only way that applies to him. The creative personality who can do that then becomes a healer and is recognized as such by his colleagues.

Marie-Louise von Franz from The Problem of the Puer Aeternus

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I am a licensed Telehealth Psychotherapist in Florida

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