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The Shamanic Journey

Going where I've never been, excavating the layers of the underworld to find glimmers of hope and light.

In search of something transformative to bring to the those who also seek the truth.

May I venture into my suffering and the suffering of those who call on me for guidance with my highest consciousness.

May I journey into the shamanic state and carry the higher vibration as I hold your pain until you are ready to hold it for yourself.

May I receive help and guidance from my ancestors above, below, and right here on this physical plane.

May my underworld guides protect me and show me the way into the dense, dark forest so I can complete a safe and successful mission.

I give thanks to those entities who have been here all along, many of whom I am just getting to know.

Thank you Mother Moon who lights my path in my dreams and reveals the truth to me in every moment.

Thank you to the German Shepard who appeared in my journey have sent many helpers my way for a long time and I am forever grateful for you.

Thank you to Chiron The Wounded Healer for showing me my life's mission and how to dance between the seen and unseen realms. You have shown me the formula for turning my sacred wound into the golden elixir of sacred medicine. I walk my medicine walk devouted to your wisdom, and in honor of your legacy. I will share your teachings with whoever needs to hear. I shall not let you down.

Thank you to the Eagle who shows me how to soar high above the heaviness and become an observer of my own experience, in awe of how my play of consciousness is unfolding. Thank you for showing me how to find psychic liberation by becoming unattached to the results.

Thank you to the Hungry Ghosts who have been my most irreplaceable and valuable teachers on this adventure...

Who would have thought that when I jumped on a plane many years ago to attend Gabor Maté's workshop titled "Healing the Wounded Healer" in Sacremento that it was a premonition for where I would be now.

I read his book "In The Realm of Hungry Ghosts" on my way there and knew my life would never be the same. Couple that with the most powerful workshop I have attended in my life, and magic was birthed in me that day. I knew in that moment, I had found all the answers I had been looking for.

May the light always lead your way 🌟

-Maegan K.

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