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Chiron in Taurus, 2nd House

Chiron in Taurus, 2nd House:

The Wound:

People with this placement tend to possess an inability to feel safe, stable, and grounded in the body which catapolts itself onto those you the person attaches to.

They have difficulty providing for themself in the world and struggle with root chakra imbalances.

Their attachment to physical pleasure is dark and terrifying to some, which is deeply connected to the experience of the body being faulty, wounded, and unsafe.

There exists a deep resistance to addressing wounds of sexuality with compassion which will lead to inauthentic, manipulative, and superficial romantic relationships with others. There is often a predatorial component that will get expressed as a result of the block.

Personal identity is often fused with fixed and immovable values which makes for a peuso-teacher, never a student. As a result, unconscious guilt emerges for only replicating the teachings that already exist instead of inventing self-developed contributions.

A strong judgement towards others can create a sense of self-assurance.

The mistreatment of the Earth is felt on a visceral level. The collective felt sense of rejection lives within their soul.

There is often an overidentification with one's wounds and suffering, a romanticism of the darkness that may play out through sadomasichistic tendencies.

Possessiveness and materialism are common traits. This can show up in relationships and with materials wealth. There is often a fear of being able to manage financial means which leads to financial irresponsibility.

These people will often feel disconnected from body-based intuition and will overindulge in food and other substances, never having a harmonious enough relationship with the body to listen to its cues.

They will repress their instinctual nature as they feel possessed by their overwhelming instincts (which feel uncontrollable as long as they remain unconscious). This leads them into self-sabotaging patterns of chaos and destruction, all in an attempt to control unruly urges.

Repressed rage is a huge component of this patterning which will affect the liver and kidneys.

The Medicine:

Healing comes from learning to trust the instinctual nature of the body and its inherent wisdom. When you are tired, sleep. When you are hungry, eat. When you are sad, cry. When you are joyous, laugh.

Stay away from things that harm or stress the body including intense exercise. Stick with yoga, swimming, dance, massage, Tai Chi...Stay consistent with gentle pleasures, not violent ones.

In physical yoga, work with the Warrior I & II, Chair, Mountain, and Tree poses.

Use the essential oils of frankencense, myrrh, patchouli, and vetiver.

Repeat mantras that remind you that you are safe.

Find ways to be more creative, especially through body-based means.

Integrate your pain and suffering without inflicting it upon your self-worth.

Cleanse and repair the root chakra.

Practice Kriya breathwork to repattern your nervous system.

Find ways to feel secure and stable with your resources (money, food, shelter, clothing, and psychological resources).

Work through 'scarcity mindset' fears with meditation and by deepening your spirituality.

Challenge yourself to be more flexible in your values, seeing worth and opportunity in other's views.

Remember, the sacred medicine is initiated through the evolution of your feminine consciousness, not your masculine.

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