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The Saboteur Archetype

The saboteur archetype symbolizes our fear of personal power, change, and growth. When the saboteur steps in, there is usually a transformation looming on the horizon that intimidates us.

The saboteur helps us keep everything small, controllable, and contained. Most people have a hard time with rapid change and they will often self-destruct to block the natural unfolding of their own evolution.

Ever have an idea that seems magnificient, but a part of you says, "No that's too big" or "I can't grow faster than what I can handle"? If so, your saboteur is speaking through you.

When we fear our potential, we will find ways to block our forward movement. We often see it in people's relationship with food and drugs. But the saboteur goes much deeper than this.

What will change if we allow our unbridled potential to emerge? What will we need to let go of if we embrace our highest gifts?

The Truth carries a higher vibration than a lie, and when we live it, speak it, and act it, everything changes. When we embrace the Truth, we can longer keep ourselves small to maintain the status quo. This is what the saboteur is all about. It's a deeply rooted unconscious fear to embrace the power of the unknown.

The higher side of the saboteur is when we learn how to embrace our power even if it feels uncontrollable. We begin to spot the ways in which we are about to sabotage ourselves or others. We can also spot a saboteur coming from a mile away, and step aside letting the tornado blow right by us.

What's the worst that will happen if we allowed our highest potential to shine through? We have to let go? Grieve our small lives? Manage feeling overwhelmed by big changes? And to that I would say, "And?".

When we start getting clear about how our only enemy is us, our soul builds stamina. We face the Truth in that moment and new breath enters our lungs. Our stagnant energy turns over and a higher, lighter frequency enters our auric field.

It is true. Divine spiritual growth requires support. We cannot go it alone. The journey requires allies from all realms. If we try and make the trek as a solo navigator, we will likely get swallowed up by the traps that we are sure to encounter along the way.

One primary Truth is that everything is always changing, always. Just look at your health and physical body. How much has changed in the last 20 years? A lot, and the case is the same for EVERYONE.

When you make the judgement to say "Wow, look how much he/she aged," are you forgetting that you've aged too? And is aging a bad thing? Just because something evolves doesn't mean it disintegrates. There are people in their 70's that are in better mental, physical, and spiritual health in their later years than ever before.

One condition that will always remain constant is that when our soul grows, we will encounter regular tests. The cosmos want to know if you are still awake and paying attention. :::Earth to Bueller:::

Faith, a belief in a Divine cosmic order, and an understanding of what your path is grants the support needed for this adventure. Only then can grace enter your heart through the power of intuition and hold you steady along the way.

So ask yourself...why am I so afraid of meeting my highest power? What's the worst that can happen if I let it rip? And do the damn thing anyway ✌️.

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