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The Hero and Heroine's Journey

Hero & Heroine: Offerings
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The Hero's Journey

A growth expedition towards independence and self-sufficiency through forward action and triumph.

Using both traditional archetypal exploration and/or natal and archetypal astrology, the Third Realm method can help you discover your inner Hero and develop your capacity to persevere towards victory through life's biggest challenges.

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The Heroine's Journey

A shedding of masculine ideals along a path of compassion and self-discovery back home to the feminine within.

Heart-centered awareness and Divine compassion serves as the transformational tool along The Heroine's Journey. Learn how to expand your window of tolerance and share your open-hearted energy with others by awakening your inner Heroine.

In private coaching, I will help you discover your journey, develop the necessary tools to navigate the adventure successfully, and integrate the profound healing of each experience including the most painful ones.

Learn how to heal using your soul's wisdom. Reach out now to learn more.

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