The Medical Industrial Complex

The Shadow that Heals

One of the obstacles I faced along my own Heroine's Journey was the darkness of addiction and the role that the Medical Industrial Complex and Big Pharma played in facilitating the devastating effects of opioid addiction in individuals, their families, and communities across the country. All shadows heal, however, when made conscious. This includes the shadow of Western medicine. When we consciously engage our healthcare no matter what model or philosophy, we benefit. But when we as patients are uneducated and dependent, we become disempowered and vulnerable to harm. The day I refused to get hooked by the shadow of the Medical Industrial Complex and Big Pharma, and instead maintained my voice throughout my healing journey was the day my life changed for the better. I hope to help those who seek my teachings by supporting them through their own healing journey and to facilitate psychic liberation. I hope to see the day when empowered patients transform the mental health and medical system and inspire a radically new approach to sustainable healing.

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