An Astrological Journey to Finding your Inner Teacher

The Third Realm philosophy of healing is rooted in the archetypal experience of the Wounded Healer represented by symbolic influence of the Chiron asteroid in natal astrology. Whether you participate in the cosmological coaching track or other Third Realm services, the foundational frame of the Third Realm experience emphasizes the notion that in our suffering exists an inner healer that can be engaged should we choose to embark on an inward journey of self-compassion and transformation. All Third Realm services employ this philosophy.

The way in which this asteroid is positioned in your natal chart can provide deeper insights into how and where your wounding patterns get expressed in your life. The Third Realm heart-centered approach guides clients in learning how to influence and facilitate the highest expression of their Chironic wounds so they can release themselves from feelings of perpetual pain and victimization that no longer serve the soul.

Astrologer and Chiron expert Melanie Reinhart provides a profound perspective on the Chiron asteroid, its mythological story, and the role is plays in people's lives in the above episode of The Astrology Podcast. Watch the video above to learn more about the astrological archetypal pattern of Chiron the Wounded Healer and the meaningful ways it shows up in our lives.


Jessica Garfield-Kabbara (DiRuzza) and Chiron the Wounded Healer