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  • The Third Realm Model of healing

  • The shadow side of the pharmaceutical industrial complex

  • Transpersonal therapy

  • Archetypal Integration

  • Astrological psychology and Chiron The Wounded Healer

  • The therapist as The Wounded Healer

  • Healing using fairytales and myths

  • Personality disorders as behavioral expressions of Chironic wounding patterns

  • Expressions of Logos (masculine) and Eros (feminine) wounds

  • The neuroscience of heart-centered meditation and breathwork

  • The impact of personal and collective trauma

  • Psychedelic and ketamine therapies

  • Holistic and alternative health

  • Women in leadership positions and entrepreneurship

  • Addiction recovery and mental health

  • Codependency and compassionate boundaries

  • Forensic topics like criminal justice reform, recidivism, and the differences between psychopathy, sociopathy, anti-social personality disorder, and narcissism​

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